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Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml
Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml

    Just Juice Salt Nic 10ml

    1.490 kr

    Just Juice - Apple & Pear on Ice:

    • Bragð: Epli - Pera
    • Lýsing: "Like everyone’s favourite fruity ciders in summer, sweet and sour combine perfectly in this delicious apple and pear nic salt e liquid blend, with a refreshing cooling effect on every inhale leaving you all a-tingle."

    Just Juice - Kiwi & Cranberry on Ice:

    • Bragð: Kíví - Trönuber - Smá Kuldi
    • Lýsing: "Exotic kiwis are mixed with freshly picked cranberries in this colada-infused vape nic salt e liquid juice. You get a sweet, sour and icy inhale, leaving your mouth feeling refreshingly fruity long after. "

    Just Juice - Blue Raspberry:

    • Bragð: Blá Hindber
    • Lýsing: "One minute it’s sharp. The next, sweet. Your taste buds are in for a treat with this mouthwatering raspberry nic salt e liquid vape juice that has a wicked twist when you’re least expecting. "

    Just Juice - Lemonade:

    • Bragð: Límonaði
    • Lýsing: "You know how nice it is to down a freshly squeezed fruit drink on a warm day? This mouth-watering juice tingles your taste buds exactly the same way, with fizz and zing for a refreshing citrus blast. "

    Just Juice - Mango & Passion Fruit:

    • Bragð: Mangó - Ástaraldin
    • Lýsing: "If you’re into your tropical fruits, you’ll love this delicious nic salt e liquid blend. It hits you with a sweet and juicy mango treat on the inhale, with an equally exotic tart passion fruit aftertaste that lingers. "

    Just Juice - Blood Orange Citrus & Guava:

    • Bragð: Blóð Appelsína - Guava
    • Lýsing: "A whole lot of oranges go into this tangy Mediterranean mix nic salt e liquid. You get the perfect balance of sharp citrus rind and naturally sweet and fresh summer juices, with a little hint of Guava too. "

    Just Juice - Berry Burst:

    • Bragð: Bláber - Brómber - Jarðaber
    • Lýsing: "Blackberries? Check. Blueberries? Check. Strawberries? Oh go on then. All your favourite wild summer berries make an appearance in this luscious and juicy vape-quenching nic salt e liquid blend. "


    Just Juice - Fusion:

    • Bragð: Límonaði - Bláber - Brómber - Jarðaber
    • Lýsing: "Get that summer feeling all year round with our limited edition fruitilicious fusion Nic Salt. Consisting of two award winning flavours, our Berry Burst packed full of luscious wild summer berries and our Lemonade that tingles your taste buds with a refreshing citrus blast. "